The Justice of Kings ( Empire of the Wolf #1 )

By (author)Richard Swan


Action, intrigue, and magic collide in this epic fantasy following Sir Konrad Vonvalt, an Emperor’s Justice, who is a detective, judge, and executioner all in one–but with rebellion and unrest building, these are dangerous times to be a Justice

The Empire of the Wolf simmers with unrest. Rebels, heretics, and powerful patricians all challenge the power of the Imperial throne.


Only the Order of Justices stands in the way of chaos. Sir Konrad Vonvalt is the most feared Justice of all, upholding the law by way of his sharp mind, arcane powers, and skill as a swordsman. At his side stands Helena Sedanka, his talented protégé, orphaned by the wars that forged the Empire.


When the pair investigates the murder of a provincial aristocrat, they unearth a conspiracy that stretches to the very top of Imperial society. As the stakes rise and become ever more personal, Vonvalt and Helena must make a choice: Will they abandon the laws they’ve sworn to uphold, in order to protect the Empire?

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