Spooky Stuff – Back Pocket Bonfire Tales, Volume 1

By (author)Jon & Di Nelson


Six all-new, beautifully written short stories (approx. 20 minute reads), will pull young readers into the world of long-form stories.

How many SCREAMS can you handle? Most children can make it through a ONE SCREAM story, but it takes a courageous kid to read a SIX SCREAM tale.

Spooky Stuff – Back Pocket Bonfire Tales, features original ghost stories, designed to be read aloud. These aren’t the same folk tales you’ve heard again and again. These spooky stories and spine-chilling illustrations will have your friends, campers, and kids listening quietly and shaking in their hiking boots.

The scream guide will help you determine which stories are appropriate for your audience. The whole family can enjoy a low-level scream, and the rest can be read when the little ones go off to bed. Each tale is a guaranteed hit at any campfire or sleepover, and the modern language and relatable kid-characters are sure to turn reluctant readers into page-turning bookworms!

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