My Father’s Daughter

By (author)Onyeka Onwenu


My Father’s Daughter is a riveting narration of the legendary Nigerian Singer, Onyeka Onwenu’s enthralling journey through life.

We are held captive as she takes us into her world – from the heart-warming affection of her father to living through the anguish of the Nigeria-Biafra war, from remarkable mothers love to family intrigues, from feminism to a career that has put her in the limelight for decades. Her reflections and reviews are expressive and stroke our senses; nothing is left out.

This book is deeply personal and emotional; it is about strength of purpose in the face of adversity, the struggle to overcome seething obstacles and the tenacity in surviving the odds. Interesting and vibrant, Onyeka’s story is laced with wit and the underlying humor is infectious.

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