Children of the Quicksands

By (author)Efua Traoré


Simi is sent to stay with her Grandmother in the village where there is no internet, phone or TV.  Her Grandmother, known for her herbal medicines is reluctant to speak about the Family’s past.

Simi is curious and goes on a mission to find out why. Caught in the sinking red quicksand of a forbidden lake, her extraordinary journey begins…

Simi is sent to stay with her grandmother in a remote village deep in the forests of Nigeria. Witch-like and tight-lipped about the past, her grandmother hints at a tragic family secret – but won’t tell Simi the truth. Simi is desperate to discover it for herself, but it’s only when she’s caught in the red quicksand of a forbidden lake that her adventure truly begins. Along with new friends, Jay and Bubu, Simi must bring her family back together and restore peace to the village.

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